Thursday, July 10, 2008


ये बता दे मुझे जिंदगी,
प्यार की रह के हमसफ़र
किस तेरेह बन गए अजनबी

फूल क्यों सारे मुरझा गए
किसलिए बुझ गई चांदनी,

कल जो बाँहों में थी , और निगाहों में थी,
अब वो गर्मी कहाँ खो गई,
न वो अंदाज़ है , न वो आवाज़ है ,
अब वो नरमी कहाँ खो गई।

बेवफा तुम नही , बेवफा हम नही,
फ़िर वो जज़्बात क्यों सो गए,
प्यार तुमको भी है , प्यार हमको भी है,
फासले फ़िर ये क्यों हो गए।


Thursday, June 12, 2008

I am a self confessed plagiarist.

Recently I read some articles of my friends and realized that reading and writing should be incoherent and in different "class" as they can very easily affect each other and thereby can be named "inspirations" very aptly.

But the simple fallacy which I would like to point with a reason goes as below:

let us start with the meaning of education . The very first alphabet , the very first arithmetical expression one learns , he is expected to remember and apply the same.
For this case in question we follow the approach of : see and learn , and we are not ideally plagiarizing the work of the person who made an alphabet/a arithmetical rule. To consider this - "open sourcing" of the english alphabet , can be called a very shrewd and selfish gesture of the originators, as they knew that, in the case of the alphabet not being widely used , no further articles/journos or communication thereon will sustain and thereby call for the downfall of the language and them too with it.

So , now they tell me to learn my alphabets and the usage of the same and they teach me a lot of stuff related to that and I merrily go about learning the stuff until one day my learning's become my inspirations and I am termed a plagiarist, a person taking inspirations from other songs/write ups/articles etc.


Twist 1 : Analogy of music

I can only be taught how to play the instrument and the beats. A composition should ideally originate from me , unabridged and unheard of. Here lies my creativity.

Twist 2: Analogy of Sorts

I learn the tricks of kung fu but winning a bout is my creativity.


The definition of "creativity" straight from the horse's mouth :

Creativity is the ability to think up and design new inventions, produce works of art, solve problems in new ways, or develop an idea based on an original, novel, or unconventional approach.

Then I should stop reading because if I read then only I get ideas to write some things which would seem impossible if I would not have been well read.So here comes the catch and the million dollar answer :

You have to be well read to stop plagiarising: Period ; the real reason is if you are well read then you will know what else has already been writtenand what has still not been covered in the public and then select some topic from there and start writings as you will by default not be plagiarising and more importantly be the first one to touch upon the left upon topic.

Meaning : If I do not read a lot I might have a 50-50 chance of plagiarising from one such obscure writer out there among million others whose work I will have essentially have "forgotten" to mention on the very first page of my book : as insipered from XXXX.

I rest my stand.

long time .. no see ..

Hiya everybody

Hi all ,

Me a satanic verse from the melancholy, soddy and trash new era where there is no moral sense left in people, the governments are there to loot and destroy, the new order sweeps the established societal norms under the carpet and makes a toilet paper of all the capitalist, socialist and *ist policies. Here the Artificial Intelligence after defeating the natural intellect in 1996 ( G. Kasporov ) has remixed the population to create a truly marvellous emotion free and power hungry population and thereby has left no room for earthly morons like me. I "create" a living by writing some non sensical articles which get published in underground journals now read by only a "dodo" variety of mind mass. The going gets tough 4 days in a week when I have to sleep in the corridors and broadways which are swarming with the last working professionals.
If this letter reaches anybody of the extra terrestial planets/black holes/nebula/land mass kindly take this as a invitation call or a SOS ( desperate ) , to please come and free my planet for some other civilization or for chrissake any other worst civilization as I will more or less die in another couple of hours as my batteries are already 10% left and the power sources are not open for us . The sun has been blocked and the secondary power also is thereby unavailable. In the name of my loving existance . Hence destroyed, I lie.

Yours truly

PS: had not touched this blog of mine in a coupla years ... rummaging through the old mail accounts .. to my surprise I found this bit here .. its just a make up post for the years of unwriting( have to check this word !!) ..

PPS: adios

Monday, May 5, 2008

no apt title till now

Its all so sublime ,

One sec i am thinking of a new thought and the other second i am not . This is exactly what the state of mind is wen you are perturbed , when you are really lost ; the reality is obviously as always different .
There always is a way, always a open door per closed door which beckons: but yes not so furiously as if it really wants you to take it , because it should not be a forced descision , so that you can always look back in time ( yeah the time travel concept .. hhe juzz jokin doode), and tell yourself(not the present but the future present : remember you are looking back , so currently you are in future, uff yes i think by now u might have got it) that it was forced .-- so back to the main plot where -- the door is always there without any glam sham , its unopened , its raw and its calling .. one should always weigh the chances of one door to other and then if decided should get into one .. and never travel in time (means do not look back :) u dumbo) ...

Take the responsibility of your actions and look ahead as this takes us back to the very first line ( as if there was a never ending for loop) where we have the same old story of a new door .. ( i am so tired of the same old story ) .. but hey this is life and this is how u live it .. this is how i live it and i fel everybody should .. cause there is no better way ..

Over Confident (OC) ..


sometimes i am .. :)

cya so long .

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Strange and Sublime

umm .. yeah .. yeah .. AWESUM ..

when i started reading it seemed like another run to the mill novel .. some family descriptions some non descript ramshackled values and ethical melodrama : but as the narrative progressed the words melted into each other as if there was no LOC in Kashmir , the adjectives are blissfully appropriate and some lines are as good as dickens ( for him it is said you cannot replace any one of his words : so nicely has they been used) ..

book quote : "Monday came like fever"
man what a description .. i truly am a fan right now .. the book has swept me off my feet and i usually am slowing down in reading each and every line just as one slowly devours the perfect taste of a roasted cashew or almond .. hopefully the trend will continue ..

will keep updating ..

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

lead me into knowledge .. ahem

my list .. here it goes .. i recommend this to every indian who reads .. hey guys we should give some time to our very own authors .. attached to Kolkata or Bihar each one of these is a gem of a writer .. the style may vary from meticulous to rustic .. slick to sober .. but each one is damn good ..

Just like u cant live without each member of a family .. though how much different among themselves they may be .. each genre has a "dna" of its own .. the old raj system .. forlorn forts .. 55% agrarian community .. middle class values and wat not .. the soup has everything .. so very indian .. so very intense .. so very close to heart .. thats how i find these writing ..
here goes the grammy of our very own --

1.Vikram Seth - A suitable Boy
2.Arundhati Roy - God Of Small Things(97)
3.Salman Rushdie - Midnight's Children(Booker , Booker of Booker's 93)
4.Kiran Desai - Inheritance Of Loss(Man - Booker 06)
5.Amitav Ghosh - Circle of reason
6.Amitav Ghosh - The Shadow Lines
7.Amitav Ghosh - The Calcutta Chromosome(96)
8.Upamanyu Chatterjea - English August: An Indian Story
9.Rohinton Mistry's - Such a Long Journey(90)
10.Rohinton Mistry's - A Fine Balance(96)
11.Jhupa Lahiri - Interpreter of Maladies(99)
12.Raj Kamal Jha - The Blue Bedspread(2000
13.Raj Kamal Jha -If You Are Afraid of Heights(2003
14.Amit Chaudhuri - A Strange and Sublime
15.Amit Chaudhuri -Afternoon Raag

Hope to finish them in 30 days :) ..

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

the time comes to a screeching halt .. and then

it feels like a crossroad confluence where there are 10 different roads to tread along ar more correctly drag oneself to : but the matter of fact is the end is nowhere in sight , I am not new to all this but yes I react exactly the same way .. the half baked aspirations the irony of trying something half heartedly and failing by a whisker has been the USP of yours truly.. a marvellous example being getting a 99.3 wid a 83 in a section : proved closer to GOD that day .. had no fear only respite ..
so far so good ..
I am still not clear about my goals , my real fire : is it necesary that everybody has one or a perfect liking for only one thing .. See the world with all of its burdening population leaves no effect to be less rude .. it has always been like that and it always will be
wat is the right way .. i think a masters in the operations or IT specific is wat I need .. finance is not my cup of tea .. regular managers is not my cup of tea : but then the pertinent questions sneaks along : is there a cup of tea for me ?
Going by the book .. yes there is .. but wat I know one shud not go by the book, one shud never: i beg to emphasise never ever go by the book .Then wat shud u do with the book of learning -- hold the book in your right fist while you have the wind blowing throught the train window into ur face : the same train that leads you to the arabian sea where u have to throw the book far and wide in the ocean ..
expect the unexpected .. hope against hope .. do things out of box .. do not let the convent/state education tell u ur limits .. u are free .. do a lot to satisfy urself .. "satiation" should be the key of nirvana ..
PS : It all goes hands down to the one guy who read my hand and said once : " the lines are not clear .. means u can go to anyplace do any work ( while my elders peers and youngers were getting verdicts as steel , education , business) ..
PPS : End of story.

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